C'era una Volta


Situated between Ceriale and Albenga, it is one of the most beautiful water parks surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. Among the most exciting attractions the Kamikaze slides, the rapids of the Bad Rio and the Aquadance 
Try the fascinating experience of seeing dolphins and whales living in their natural habitat. The International Shrine of the cetaceans of the Ligurian sea shows the most high concetration of cetaceans in all Italians seas and it is probably the most rich area of the entire Mediteranean sea.the excursions organized by the consortium Liguriaviamare are suitable for everybody  children and adults
It is the largest marine park in Europe with 61 tanks that reproduce the marine environment of the world. It is an exciting yourney, a unique experience for adults and children.
A show that leaves you breathless: with the suggestion of the play of light on stalactites fantastic forms that water has given the rocks, crystal flowers, bears fingerprints and cemetery.
Between Ventimiglia and the French border there are spectacular red rocks overlooking the sea with fossils and tools preserved for 240,000 years that now it is possible to admire in the  Museum of Prehistory.
Staying only a few kilometers from the French border, it is difficult to resist the charms of the Co^te d'Azur the luxury and class of Montecarlo make it an essential place to visit with its famous casino and the Palazzo del Principe. As well as Nice and Cannes, with their artistic and natural beauty, surrounded by an atmosphere somewhere between mith and tradition-

This is a charming old village abandoned after an earthquake. In the houses made of stone a lot of artists have opened their workshops sculpture, painting, restoration of all types and clay.

Zuccarello is a Medieval village in the valley of the River Neva. It was founded in 1248 by the marquis of Clavesana. In addition to the recently stored castle it is possible to see the arcades, the medieval bridge and the Marchionale palace-

Typical Ligurian village, derives its name from Celtic origins and dates back to 1100-Monet together with Renoir stayed there for a holiday and painted the famous bridge and the castle. And he said: "....the place is superb...."

this beautiful village, with a thousand year history, is protected by high city walls and is situated among lush green hills. It is famous throughout Europe for the cultivation of violets.Walking in those old narrow streets you will find Baroque and Romanesque churches, majestic towers and you will discover a place still unspoiled and respectful of the traditions-

Albenga has one of the oldest historical centres of Europe with a heritage of great value: the octagonal Baptistery with inside a magnificent Byzantine mosaics, the Cathedral of St.Michael, the fourtheenth-century Palazzo Vecchio with its tower and the Bishop's Palace

Walking near the seaside through  the elegant Corso Inmperatrice, under the shadow of the famous palm trees, you will be fascinated by the luxurious villas and beautiul gardens and by the almost regal atmosphere of old and elegant hotels. And it is impossible to resist the seduction of the casino because here everybody can enjoy exciting challenges.