C'era una Volta

Bar "Le Terrazze"

The bar called "Le Terrazze" is for your breakfast, your snacks or to enjoy a cocktail.  
It is located on the panoramic terrace facing the swimming pools and the mediterranean pine trees.


Always open! In the morning you can enjoy delicious breakfast with croissants, capuccini, Italian espresso and slices of typical focaccia accompanied by juices.

At lunchtime guests can delight their palates with delicious mixed salads and all the things you might desire.

to calm the warm and sunny afternoons our customers have a varied selection of homemade ice cream at disposal.

What to do in the evening in camping

In the evening you can taste different kinds of beers and cocktails accompanied by some international dishes (such as paella, penne with salmon or spaghetti Arrabbiata style)

In July and August you will be able to enjoy live  music with bar service adjacent to the central pool.