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Below is a list of employee credits

Website creation
Softimax Srl of Albenga

Textual content
Supplied by Villaggio C'Era Una Volta and partially reworked by Softimax Srl

Photographic material
The photographic material used comes in part from the photographic archives of the Once Upon a Time Village and in part from the portal. For the latter, the complete list is provided:

Grotte - Picture of Bergadder
Water slide - Picture of Zsolt Oravecz
Ligurian coast - Photo by user32212
Medusa - Photo by Andrea Santoni
Whale Watching - Photo by Andrew Riedel
Golf - Picture of HeungSoon
Aeroclub - Picture of Marcin Anioł
Horse riding - Picture of romavor
Sport acqua - Picture by Christo Anestev
Road bike - Photo by TheOtherKev
Moto enduro - Photo by Fabio Grandis
Climbing - Photo by Wallace 769
Mentone - Photo by ddeutsch21
Laundry - Picture of Moerschy
Mini market - Picture of admc
Gallinara island - Picture of ninocare
Restaurant plate - Picture of gurkanerol
Children (home) - Photo by credutien

Privacy management
Organized by the Once Upon a Time Village


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